It all started when…

Charlotte-Camille Ibikéyé Salanon, born in 1984, is a mixed–race woman half Beninese – a quarter French and a quarter Polish.

Living all her youth in Africa,  Morocco and Ivory Coast, before flying to Lille, France ; Ibikéyé always felt World Citizen before belonging to a country. At 11 years old, she knew that she wanted to promote the lovely Africa continent. The blend of cultures she comes from and she has experienced will place the Mix as her main inspiration.

She values the pride of being a woman and believe in the power of women smiles.

The woman is a painting masterpiece ; put some bows following your emotion, sensitivity !

Bossy, independant and curious, she always desired to travel the World. In 2008, her advanced studies in Mathematics take her to London, UK, where she worked as a Financial Girl or « City Girl » during 3,5 years.

Her soul reached the top of inspiration when she moved to NYC, to work as a « Wall Street Girl ». She bit the Big Apple and the taste has stayed forever … !

She felt at home in that city where mix,  tolerance,  positivity, dynamism, originality are the motto … Exactly the ingredients of her own  inspiration. The blast 

An independant woman is extemely  powerful in this Century because the creativity she gets has no limit.

Be your own muse : you are gorgeous !

Today, after some blissful and feeding peregrinations all around the world and being tired of the ‘Financial  Money-Greedy World’, Ibikéyé comes back to her first loves with more inspiration, originality and creativity than ever : Africa, Dance, Music and Fashion.

A Woman is a jewel, let her shine !

Ibikéyé aims to emphasize African spirit with 100% hand-made jewels made in Benin and Niger and 100% African materials. Ibikéyé creations spread the immeasurable Africa wealth and then promote Panafricanism.

Ibikéyé creations absolutely share fair-trade values.

We are all original ! Turn Black Sheep !

Ibikéyé presents the first collection YAOÏCHA, from the first name of her Beninese grand-ma. Benin Blossom. Walk on the hot steps of Universality-Unity-Unicity-Ubuntu to feel your own beauty, your feminity.

Don’t blend in. Be rare.